Hey, You.

You're the hero of your business.

You believe in it.

As well you should; after all, you've created something worth creating. Your passion has met the needs of your clients, and earned their trust.

You invest in it.

Your time and energy are valuable, and you've shown that you value your products, services, and reputation. Long story short, you think it's worth it.

You protect it.

You've earned respect. You've established a reputation. You keep it by being excellent, hiring the excellent, and praising excellence.

And I'd like to do it with you.

I'm Chris.

I help express your uniqueness to the world.


Some of the things I'm passionate about:

Connection - People come first, always.

Effective Leadership - People-first vision and operations with clear, guided solutions

User Experience - Easy, friendly, cohesive brand expressions that focus on clarity

Technology Innovation - Personalized, sensible solutions using best practices

Renewable Business - Sustained growth. Purposeful change.

My background is in tech and business management, at all levels, from entry level to ownership. I have functioned in product/project/op management, marketing, HR, web development & design, and client services. My experience has helped shape my business philosophy and attitude.

I thrive in small and medium businesses when wearing multiple hats. I enjoy the opportunity to affect change, overcome adversity, and help facilitate a positive, effective work environment. My people-first mentality and positive attitude drive productivity and innovation.

If you have a business with a solid reputation and desire to go to the next level, I could be the right fit for your team. Let's talk!

Take a Look

Your standard for excellence is just the beginning.


Now Your clients and partners have a world-class, trust-inducing experience when engaging with you and your team.

LaterYour website, mobile apps, social media, and marketing strategies should provide a lasting experience.


Now A genuine presence online can be a daunting and challenging transition. But remember, you already know excellence.

LaterMove forward with confidence that your communication and technology can expose the beauty of your uniqueness.


Now Your business has potential and is sitting on the cusp of a new adventure.

LaterIncrease your flexibility and capability to prepare for the next level of market exposure and demand.

"Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps; for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be." - William Hazlitt

What I Do

I join your team (because your team is awesome)!

Product & Project Management

Marketing & Communication Strategy

Technology Architecture & Innovation

Web Development & Design

Wear Multiple Hats

"Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." - George Bernard Shaw

How I Do It

This isn't a solo act. I'm with you and your team.


People Product Project Profit

Managing major project stages and delivery? Important. A consistent approach is worth keeping, especially when other ideas are bouncing outside the box. Even small, simple projects can benefit from proper planning, documentation, and support.

Managing the experience people have around you? Most important. When everything is filtered through a people-first mentality, all stakeholders -- shareholders, managers, employees, clients, partners -- matter. And they'll know you care.


Languages PHP7, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, VB.NET, C, C#, Lua, GML

Frameworks Phalcon, Symphony, Laravel, Angular, React, Vue, jQuery, GSAP, Bootstrap

Platforms Wordpress, Drupal, ModX, phpBB

APIs Shopify, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Google People, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, MS Dynamics CRM/AX

Styles & Formats MVC, REST, JSON, XML, YAML

Other Techs Linux, Windows, Nginx, Apache, GIT, AWS, Azure, RabbitMQ, Redis, memcached

I prefer most of the standards specified at PHP-FIG.

By collaborating with you and your team, I can add value with a positive attitude, new ideas, efficient projects; and, successful delivery on-time, on-budget, and to spec.

Previous Work

Never stop learning; never stop improving.

Company Ballena Technologies

RoleSenior Project Manager

AchievementsFlagship product redesigned, 100+ projects managed, overtime eliminated

Period2014 - 2015

SummaryManaged flagship SaaS product delivery end-to-end for over 60 clients; as well as production on a dozen internal or pre-release products. Collaborated with team to deliver turn-key solutions and new product lines. Conceptualized new service-driven role. Managed daily operations, human resources, and technology direction. Led team to improved effectiveness and positive morale through challenging and exhausting peak season.

Company Boeing

RoleIT Vendor Operations Manager

AchievementsLaunched seven projects, cleaned vendor efficiency

Period2013 - 2015

SummaryDirected analysts and operations specialists to oversee vendor operations. Drafted and enforced improved efficiency and accuracy standards. Regularly operated in the field with vendors.

Company Novadent / Issaquah Dental Lab

RoleOperations & Technology Consultant

AchievementsDesigned three marketing campaigns, improved logistic operations


SummaryDrafted three unique marketing and web plans for new product and service lines. Collaborated with executive staff and auditors to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy in daily operations. Supported and monitored logistics operations; strengthened customer service initiatives and client support.

"We all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret." - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

What Others Say

Perception matters; and what others think of my work matters to me.

Chris joined our company at one of the most difficult times and worked wonders to recover the company from a possible disaster. He was fully engaged leading work efforts, while being a true team player, and brought a background of best practices and out-of-the-box insight to solve business and operational challenges.

Chris is solutions-driven, has a strong work ethic, and understands the value of teamwork. He always availed himself and assisted me on many projects to ensure proper resolution. He has a broad range of technical skills and possesses excellent interpersonal skills.

Chris is an asset to any organization and definitely someone you want on your project.

Nata Zhgenti Executive Vice President, Sherratt Enterprises

Chris is a technical/human anomaly... he is studied and accomplished in vital areas of operations that make him a multi-faceted, principled manager that produces results. Tremendous people and leadership skills attend to his effortless technical skills, and make him stand out as a solid leader. He is the one you hire and think that YOU did a great job!

Thomas Kollasch Executive Chef, Chihuly Garden and Glass - Collections

Chris M Brewer is one of the brightest minds in today's technology industry. His work ethic is second to none and he constantly strives to be the best at whatever he does. Whoever he ends up working with really lucked out.

Vinnie Lafler Insurance Sales Director, AAA

Chris is a natural leader. His vision, creativity, and commitment to the client is astounding. I've had the pleasure of working with Chris in two companies as a senior software engineer and CTO. He always works harder and smarter than anyone on the team and makes people feel valuable. Would recommend again and again.

Michael Elt Chief Technology Officer, VTX Business Technology

Chris is an amazing man, father, son and friend. His charisma and attitude always pulls together a top notch team delivering high levels of work. Multitasking is a skill that Chris has above all other associates in any job I have worked in. Talk to Chris and you are talking to a leader and winner!

Frank Willis Audit Coordinator, Microsoft

Chris M Brewer is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. His determination to the client's success goes farther than what any client could ever imagine. His dedication is only matched by his intellect. Employees are aided by his leadership and management style; his ability to take stressful situations and implement solutions to those challenges while fostering a positive work environment is exemplary.

Christopher Lee Web & iOS Developer, Freelance Contractor

As an active entrepreneur and developer, Chris Brewer continually demonstrates an ability to bring innovative ideas to the software industry. He has worked on projects ranging from Project Management applications to websites to games. He leads through his vision and strategic planning and with his "lead by example" style of coding and working directly with his development teams. Chris will do well at any company he joins and they would be lucky to have his passion and skill set.

Kevin Reynolds Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

What Do You Say?

Let's talk! I'd love to hear about your business, project, or endeavor.